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My Little Kittens

Growing up, I loved a couple of dozen books that my mum would read me every night, although only one truly captivated my heart and led to my joy in reading, a book called "The Color Kittens" by Margaret Wise Brown. It tells the story of two kittens Brush and Hush who mixes colours and is off to discover so much more. In this little adventure, they let their imagination and creativity flow. Every mix and discovery of colours takes them to a different place and makes them see many splendid things-- taking me along with them as they do every time. This made me feel so free and so alive. As a kid, I knew I can accomplish so much more when reading. That is what I learned to love about reading books. Just like Hush and Brush, I developed my wild imagination: it takes me away from reality even for a little while and off into the world we've made my book and I. Like them, I have my creativity awake and running. I get to meet the characters in my head and after just a brief moment of reading, I feel that I already know them. Reading "The Color Kittens" made me want to look forward to opening a new book because that only means one thing. It is going to be the start of a new journey for me. A new adventure! On every page I flip, I get to learn something new and meet new friends.  Books are not just there for me to read. I also get to hone my skills and broaden my knowledge as Brush and Hush did by discovering the colours they wanted, what to mix, what not, and the results. At the same time, I know that I am also enjoying and having fun. Now that I am older, my book preferences range from mystery to romance novels. From thrillers to reference books, magazines to newspapers. Though I may prefer certain genres to others, I am a very wide reader. All this I still owe to my dear little kittens who always made my night complete.

Published in Edmonon Journal, Raise a Reader Campaign
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